If access is inaccessible it is essential that a kitchen extract ductwork system, and canopy/plenum, is provided with access panels of sufficient number, quality and size to enable unrestricted access for regular cleaning and inspection of the internal surfaces and in-line components.

We supply and fit access panels in accordance with the requirements of DW/144 (2013) & DW/172: Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (2005). The panels and frames are constructed out of the same material as the ductwork. They incorporate quick release catches, sealing gasket and thermal, acoustic and fire rated insulation properties equal to that of the duct to which they are fitted.

At the time of a system survey, a detailed schematic or system description will be provided, highlighting any known areas which are currently inaccessible and therefore, will remain un-cleaned. We advise clients of any known inaccessible areas, the reason for their inaccessibility and, if possible, the likely cost to provide full and free access.