Post-Clean Report (PCR)Cleanliness Report

On completion of a clean we issue our clients with a  Post-Clean Report (PCR).

The purpose of a PCR is to demonstrate to the client, that Commercial Deep Clean have undertaken the fire safety cleaning of a grease extraction system, in a competent manner and in accordance with TR/19. The PCR can be used in any dispute of performance or insurance claim as evidence of the system status following cleaning.

If a certificate of completion is produced and supplied to a client it must clearly state if the whole system has been cleaned.

Report Contents

To comply with the RRFSO and TR/19, the ‘Post Clean Report’ includes the following:

  • The System(s) cleaned description highlighting the key risks and fire risks under Article 11 the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO).
  • A clear yes or no as to whether the system was cleaned in its entirety.
  • Additional works carried out (if any): If no to the above question, the reason why it was not cleaned in its entirety and a suggested solution.
  • Other hazards that have been identified.
  • Micron readings for the test locations.
  • The current cleaning frequency.
  • A recommendation of a new cleaning frequency based on the micron readings.
  • A sufficient number of before and after cleaning photographs of the system to give a true representation of the system condition.
  • A schematic diagram of the system layout showing the system that has been cleaned and any areas that could not be cleaned. Access panels and test locations identified on the schematic.
  • Test locations identified on the schematic.
  • A certification of fire safety summarising the cleaning works completed.