Catering Equipment Cleaning: Heavy and Light Duty Cleaning

Catering Equipment is split into two main areas:

  1. Light-duty equipment is generally considered as equipment used in the storage or preparation of food e.g. tables, cupboards, dishwashers and fridge/freezers.
  2. Heavy-duty equipment includes fryers, grills, oven ranges, steamers, combination ovens, hot cupboards etc and are more prone to receiving heavy deposits of grease and baked on carbon.

The cleaning of this equipment is carried out using heavy-duty chemicals, and abrasive scrubbing methods. The equipment’s removable parts are fully dismantled and placed in our solution dip tanks/chemical baths. This process removes carbon and grease deposits. The solid structure of the cooking equipment can then be fully deep cleaned by our highly trained cleaning operatives using degreasers. This process will remove grease, carbon and limescale. All parts of the equipment are then rinsed off, re-assembled and polished. At no point will any components, that are designed to be permanently fixed in place, be dissembled or tampered with.